SALVIOLINA – Crema per Violinisti  – A natural balm to fight “Fiddler’s Neck”



A common skin condition experienced by violinists and violists at both the amateur and professional level is “fiddler’s neck,” an area of hyperpigmentation and lichenification on the left side of the neck, below the angle of the jaw. Focal neck edema can lead to concerns about the cosmetic appearance or even malignancy. These skin changes have been attributed to a number of factors, including poor technique leading to increased pressure of the instrument on the skin of the neck, increased friction between the instrument and the skin caused by a poorly fitting chin rest or an inadequate shoulder rest, poor hygiene, and even the size of the instrument. Viola players may be more prone to have fiddler’s neck than violinists because the instrument is larger and heavier. Holding the violin or viola in a more horizontal, less “drooping” position can often correct the edema of fiddler’s neck.


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